Elevating Digital Payment & Global Remittance Experiences through WhatsApp


Now Your Voice Has The Power To Pay

Using our cloud services, SocialCashier® & VoicePay®, Merchants and Money Transmitters can now offer their customers the ability to make payments, or send & receive remittances, through WhatsApp’s social messaging platform

Our social messaging solution is user-friendly and secure

  1. It operates through WhatsApp encrypted messaging platform
  2. It employs blockchain and tokenization technology
  3. It allows Merchants & Money Transmitters to authenticate their customers biometrically

Merchants & Money Transmitters enhance their customer experience

  1. Merchants enhance their customer experience by allowing consumers to make payments with a simple voice message, thus eliminating annoying and unsecure call centers
  2. Money Transmitters enhance their customer experience by allowing remitters to send & receive money through WhatsApp, the global messaging platform that remitters already use to communicate

Meeting the demand for a completely immersive solution that is...







Payments & Remittances

via WhatsApp

SocialCashier® is a Point-of-Sale cloud based transactional engine that operates on WhatsApp’s Encrypted Messaging Platform. It is optimal for remote transactions such as remittances, recurring payments, social commerce payments, telemarketing sales, and subscriptions

Your voice has the power

to pay!

VoicePay® is an identity recognition tool that enables secure customer authentication using voice biometrics. VoicePay offers a 3-factor authentication, ensuring maximum security and compliance with PCI 3DS 2.1 standards. VoicePay allows cardholders to make payments or send & receive remittances using a simple voice command, such as “I approve this payment with the numbers 7, 3, 8, 5”

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