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Will my credit card details be safe?

Yes, absolutely.  We encrypt the data of your card and tokenize it so that your confidential information is transmitted safely and securely in the networks, which prevents someone from stealing your information.

How is my Voice secured through biometric technolgy?

Your voice is a digital imprint. Biometrics provide a fully reliable security read as each person’s throat, paddle and vocal cords are singularly unique from anyone else’s, as they shape the air that is expelled from the lungs and the mouth when a person speaks.  Starting with the raw audio and the waveform generated when one speaks, elements that are beyond the human audible range, a person’s biometric voice read system processes the audio waveform to extract key characteristics that are unique to each individual.

Could someone steal my voice from a recording and use it to authorize a fraudulent payment?

No. In the event that someone steals a recording in which you pronounce your payment authorization phrase (ie. “I Approve this Payment …”) it will not be sufficient as the perpetrator will have to also pronounce the code numbers that are randomly presented to him/her to authenticate the payment at once.  With this, an error will occur which denies them the opportunity to make a fraudulant payment.

How can one be sure that the message comes from the authentic bank or merchant and not from a fraudulent number?

The bank, the payment processor, and its affiliated businesses can send payment requests via WhatsAPP® to their clients or customers, who in turn will be able to verify that they come from an authentic and reliable source within the same application, or within the WhatsAPP® chat page that includes the  official logo of the Bank or PSP and a check mark, as this, ** Poner la palomita de WhatsAppindicating that it is an official verified corporate number.  The cardholder may verify it directly in WhatsAPP, before he or she may decide to execute the payment.

How can I protect my mobile phone from being hacked or attacked by a virus that could jeopardize my credit/debit card information and my payments through WhatsAPP®?

We recommend using the Lookout® APP subscription Application that is available for IOS and Android, as it will help you prevent an intruder from trying to enter your phone or smartphone and harm you.

Take into account that the intruder will not be able to access your WhatsAPP® messages, as they are encrypted.  The same applies for your card data, since it is not stored on your phone and it has already been encrypted, tokenized and securely stored in the Cloud, away from your cell phone or smartphone.

Even if the intruder was to gain access to the content of your WhatsAPP® account, he/she would be unable to utilize your payment authorization recordings or messages, since verification numbers are randomly selected, and your credit card would not be registered or stored in your cell phone or smartphone.

Can I use other alternative credit or debit cards for payment?

Yes, if a payment with the credit or debit card you provided is rejected, SocialCashier will provide you with alternative enrollment payment options, as required.

Do I have to pay any special fees to use VoicePay to make any payments?

No, the service is completely free to the user or cardholder.


Can I, as a merchant or business owner, hire your services?

Yes, you can, through an…

  • Acquiring Bank
  • Aggregator or
  • Payment Processor

that has licensed our technology. Get in touch with us and we will put you in contact with a local service provider.

How can I send a payment request to my clients?

Through a secure web page, as a merchant or user of SocialCashier services, you can send to a particular client, or to a list of customers, payment requests whenever you want. The system will  automatically send messages to your customers, as many times as needed, until payment is received. As soon as payment is finalized, or as soon as you would like to, the system will stop sending messages.

We also provide you with API’s that will allow you to connect to SocialCashier, with your sales or commercial system and send payment requests when your own systems require it to.

As a merchant, what can I do if the customer or cardholder refutes a transaction as fraudulent and tries to request a charge-Back?

SocialCashier & VoicePay keeps an historical transactional log, with blockchain security and saves each cardholder’s voice recordings encrypted, for both enrollment and payment procesess.  It will be accessible by the authorized merchant in the event of a payment claim. Contact your acquiring bank or payment processor call center for support and assistance.


Can Banks, Payment Processors or Vendors integrate other Biometrics to their payment methods?

Yes, as Payments Solution developers and with the support of associated software providers, we can create an array of Biometrically secured products tailored to the individual needs of  banks or payment processors. We invite you to contact us through this link.

Can the Issuer Bank enroll their cardholders for VoicePay in their own mobile Apps.

Yes,  SocialCashier´s APIs are ready to integrate the cardholders VoicePay with the issuer bank mobile APPs, offering their clients the convenience to be enrolled to execute payments in social networks with a Voice Command: VoicePay

Is SocialCashier and VoicePay a white label solution for banks?

Yes, Reimagination Tech will grant the licences or subscriptions models to use SocialCashier & VoicePay software to be customized and branded according with the Banks own requirements and to host the software on its own premises.

Are direct bank-to-bank payments an option in SocialCashier

Yes, SocialCashier is a secure Blockchain Transactional Engine that allows collecting payments and sending payments to or from any authorized and authenticated source.

Is on-the-store Voicepay an option to pay?

Yes, our SocialCashier secure engine is ready for accepting in-store payments requests from a physical POS with Internet access, using API´s to connect both.

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