Most Innovative Startup

Berlin 2022

Reimagination Technologies Top Three Finalist

Merchant Payment Ecosystem, 2022 European Conference
Berlín, Germany

Reimagination Technologies

Among Three Finalists for Most Innovative Startup Company Uses VoicePay for Accepting Payments on Social Networks

LOS ANGELES, CA – Reimagination Technologies, Inc. (RTI) announced today that it was named one of the top three Most Innovative Startups in the world, by MPE 2022-Europe’s largest merchant payment event, hosted this July in Berlin, Germany. This is good news for one in two Americans who face payment fraud and 200 million merchants in the world who want to get paid faster.


Reimagination Technologies biotech solution

Revolutionizes the way people pay bills and the way banks fight the $400 billion in fraud predicted by the Nilson Report over the next 10 years. Fraud accounts for a shocking 3.6% of global GDP in the $1.9 trillion global payments industry.

Reimagination, solves the world’s payment-fraud problem through its newly patented voicerecognition technology, VoicePay, and makes is easier for secured users to pay credit cards, retail merchants, and other bills seamlessly through their social media networks.

The MPE awards

Celebrate the achievements of the top merchant payment acceptance companies. Reimagination was one of 12 companies shortlisted to compete for Most Innovative Startup and among the top three finalists including Identiq and C innte Risk Solutions.

RTI is a Los Angeles, California company specializing in new payment acceptance solutions through social media platforms such as WhatsApp. It is the inventor and developer of a Cloud Service Solution: SocialCashier® & VoicePay® and operates a wholly owned subsidiary and software factory in Mexico City.

SocialCashier is a patented blockchain transactional engine. VoicePay is a free, userfriendly payment method using social media channels with secure biometric authentication and blockchain protection.

Jaime Gonzalez-Gasque

CEO Reimagination

“The exposure from the MPE awards conference was phenomenal,” said Gonzalez-Gasque. “It proved that the world is ready to embrace more convenient and secure payment methods.”.

Alberto Gonzalez

President Reimagination

Has received multiple calls from major tech companies since the awards announcement.

The new patented voice-authentication-payment technology will change how banks and merchants collect payments from customers quickly and securely.

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